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Fire Alarm Systems in Rugby, Warwickshire  

Monty Electrical Installations can install a range of fire alarm systems to suit your specific needs, we can design and install high quality alarms while keeping whithin your budget. Whether its mains wired smoke alarms or part 1 panelled systems we'll fit a system that is right for you. All systems are designed and installed to BS5839-1: 2013 and BS5839-6: 2013

Conventional Fire alarm system

These types of system are the most common type of system known as 4 wire systems which have the detectors and break glasses on a different circuit to the sounders, cost effective on small systems but can be more expensive on larger systems due to cabling.

2 Wire Fire Alarm Systems

These systems are a more modern type of system which have detectors, break glasses and sounders on the same circuit which can cut costs dramatically on small and larger systems. Also the systems we install have the option of sounder, heat / optical detector and beacon all in one unit which further cuts wiring costs plus helping with the aesthetics of the building.

Adressable Systems

These systems are more suited to large systems and those where 4 or more disabled people need help evacuating the building eg: care homes, hospitals, hotels with 4 or more disabled rooms. These type of systems are also the most expensive type of system so would not normally be considered unless the above criteria is deemed necessary.

Mains Wired Interlinked Alarm Systems

Mains wired interlinked alarm systems fall under the BS5839:2013 part 6 regulations which are generally domestic applications upto 3 stories. These systems can range from detectors in escape routs to every room considered a risk. They can be wired using cables or for less intrusion wireless bases.